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February 3, 2020

Pattaya : 6 activities you don’t want to miss

Pattaya is a city like no others in Thailand and in the world, it has something special to offer for every profile, keep reading and find out whether you would go for nature or rather wild…

Yoga and Detox retreats in Pattaya

Yoga retreat in Pattaya

Despite being mostly famous for its nightlife, Pattaya, surprisingly features great yoga retreats, Thai traditional massage training centers, wellness being and detox centers. So, if you are ready to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and focus on your inner “you”, Pattaya offers great options in this regard.

Most of these retreats are located a bit outside of the city center and take place in privatized resorts or large villas surrounded by nature and wildlife, no jungle retreat though, all comfort and all inclusive stay, you may choose to stay a few days up to a few months. You can surely find all types of Yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyenga, Anusara, Sivananda, Power and Yin yoga in Pattaya..Alternatively, if you are not a fan of yoga, you can book for a “detox”, “cleansing” or “wellness” retreat, which will focus on getting rid of the toxins and stress accumulated by your body and head along with breathing exercise, re-nutrition with specific and natural diet, and a “strict stay away” from your digital devices guideline. Experiencing a yoga retreat or a detox in Pattaya is gaining in popularity and surely is an extreme activity of its kind. We might recommend you to some of the best yoga and detox retreats in Pattaya with special deals, we can also arrange some of our villas to host private yoga retreats.

Private pool party in Pattaya

pool party villa

Pattaya is well known to host some of the most beautiful villas in the whole Kingdom. It’s one of the best places in the world to throw some wild pool party you have been dreaming of without breaking the bank. Some unique properties for rent have their own bowling alley, cinema and private nightclub and can host up to 200 persons. Luxury villas in Pattaya have nothing to envy to the most outstanding residences in Hollywood or Miami. With such a wide offer in pool villas around Pattaya, all you need is to bring your playlist, invite your friends, some bikini party models and your private pool party will look like a hip-hop gangsta music video clip, except that it won’t last for only 3 minutes, you are part of the video, and the superstar. Not all villas in Pattaya are party-friendly though and lots of them have strict policies since they are often located within gated villages, so hit us up if you need help to find a villa that matches your needs or browse our listing and check for the mention :”party friendly”.

Get married with style in Pattaya !

wedding in Pattaya

Among the craziest thing you can do in Pattaya, getting married with style has become super trendy, here are a couple of reasons why Pattaya is a preferred location for wedding ceremonies. Needless to say that you shall have this one well organized before you step in Pattaya, and you shall have someone who previously said YES!

  • Amazing scenery of the Pattaya bay and islands nearby, ideal for photo book and nice pictures that will remain in your living room forever (supposedly until death). Also, convenient to explore the islands and surroundings once the ceremonial is over and enjoy a honeymoon in pristine waters.
  • Tons of different venues from the tiniest guesthouse up to 5 stars hotels that can arrange reception with thousands of guests, gala, shows, dinner and so on.
  • Upgrade your wedding ceremony to a new level simply because…..well…you are in Thailand! Many of those 5 stars hotels won’t be as expensive as you might think, same works for the activities you probably wouldn’t think of at home such as yacht chartering or whatever you might need to make this day special, keep in mind that here in Pattaya you probably can afford it.
  • Thai people are quite experienced with wedding ceremonies and many wedding studios in Pattaya are offering professional planning and are specialized upon wedding ceremony types : Indian, Thai, Malasyian, Western

So, if you are looking into getting married with style, at an affordable price with a great service and attention to all details from your arrival till the end of your honeymoon, have a look at what Pattaya can offer you or drop us a message and we might recommend you to some of the best wedding planners with special deals  

Biking and riding Pattaya region

dirt biking in Pattaya

Whilst it is certainly true that the best motorbike trips are made in Northern Thailand, especially between the famous road from Chiang Mai to Pai, Pattaya and the Chonburi – Trat regions offer some great beach coast scenery and nice secondary roads that let you go deep into Thai traditional rural life. You can even board your freshly rented motorbike on the ferry to Koh Chang and ride across its mountainous roads to give you just one example.

Also, very popular and convenient in Pattaya, enduro dirt biking, if you are sportive enough and not afraid of dirt roads and jumps, gear up with all the protective essentials and get ready to have a top day riding like hell ! Get reassured Big bike rental shops are nowadays really into safety, and there’s no way you end up with a dangerous 20 years old bike whose engine may explode while hundreds kilometers away, maintenance of the bikes for rent is done regularly and you usually have an emergency contact, should anything happen. You can either join a group tour or just rent the motorbike and material by yourself.

Another great advantage of planning a group bike trip with friends in Pattaya is the low cost of the bikes for rent. Typically 50% less than anywhere else in Thailand, as an example, it will cost you approximately 1000 THB for a full day rental of a 650cbm motorbike model. At Siam Hot Residences, each year, we accommodate a group of 12 expats living in South East Asia for their annual bikers meet-up! We might recommend reliable big bike rental shops along with tips on destination and roads, we also have great pool-villas to relax and chill at night after a long hot day riding asphalt or dirt.

Bachelor Party in Pattaya

bachelor party

As portrayed in the Hangover II movie, Thailand is the perfect place to throw the craziest bachelor party one can think of. Pattaya owns the best nightlife scene with Walking Street and its numerous big nightclubs that won’t close before dawn. So many gogo bars that you wouldn’t be able to visit them all even if you stay for a year and obviously the most beautiful party models for hire. Here is Siam Hot Residences home made planning for a successful bachelor party experience in Pattaya:

Pick a “party-friendly” pool villa with Siam Hot Residences

Bring some hot models

Kick-off the stag with your own private pool party the whole afternoon

When the night comes, dress up and head to Sin City’s “center of business”

Hire a midget for the night and disguise him

Bring the groom to a “BDSM” club and don’t hesitate to go rough on him, that’s the last time you will be able to have him spanked by a Ladyboy and a midget at the same time

Time to hit the gogo bars, the gogo girls are used to tease husbands-to-be.

After the bar crawling, head to one of the many nightclubs, enjoy until the sun rises and don’t forget that a nice villa is waiting for you, take advantage of this and finish the night in style by the pool.

Finally, to spice-up this fun packed program, prepare a list of stag party dares that the groom will have to complete in order to be the real Most Valuable Player (MVP) around.

Dan Bilzerian Holiday Program

Dan Bilzerian in Thailand

It’s no wonder that the Instagram idol, Dan Bilzerian, comes often to the Land of Smiles to enjoy some heavenly moments with gorgeous party models as he likes to show off on his videos. If you want to experience the same lifestyle as the Instagram celebrity, we have a program just for you

Go to the shooting range and shoot with all types of guns, handguns, shotguns, rifles… And bet with your friends who will get the best score. Enjoy a Helicopter Ride and get a bird’s-eye view of the beach city. Arrange your own private yacht party with one of the many world-class yachts anchored at Pattaya’s marina. And it goes without saying that you need to spend all the previously mentioned activities with a bunch of wonderful party models if you want to challenge Dan. You are now free to enjoy the rest of your time in a luxury resort or pool villa privately with charming company…

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