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About Us

Serving you with the best Pattaya experience since 2015

Who are We?

Siam Hot Residences has been founded by long time expats with extensive backgrounds in real estate and event planning industries.

We teamed up to offer you event-friendly hot residences in Pattaya.

Why booking with us?

+Fast: Don’t browse a hundred properties before you find one that fits your special needs, we understand you and have them all here in one place. 

If you are looking for a property that features convenient location, large amount of bedrooms, privacy and all amenities (pool, bbq, modern kitchen equipment), we have selected for you the crème of  the crème in Pattaya!

+Safety/Privacy: Avoid any surprises, choose a place to stay with us and enjoy your time privately and freely. 

Booking a regular villa on AirBnb and partying in it without telling anyone is the best option if you want to get in trouble and ruin the day. Play it safe when booking our “Hot Residences”, unlike regular villas, they are all fit to fulfill your expectations.

+Assistance: We are here to help and make your wishes a reality, conciergerie services, party guides and props. Let’s make your stay unforgettable.

Sit back and relax, we handle the details, our team consists of professional event planners. There are plenty of gigs you want to find out in Pattaya!

+Network: Stay with us and enjoy special deals from our partners: boat trips, beach clubs, etc 

We teamed up with some of the best activities in Pattaya, enjoy special prices, free access, gifts, and more surprises.  


Our Guarantee

+You get what you booked for

All Pictures and listed details of our “hot residences” are actual, you will find the property in the very same condition at your arrival. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out huge discrepancies at arrival after a long trip. (not exact same location, worn out furniture, downgraded assets, direct overlooking from neighbours). We got you covered. 

+You are in good hands

Stay with us to experience another level of service! Pattaya is our playground and we will share our tips and comply with any of your special requirements.

+Your satisfaction is our priority

Customer satisfaction is our most valuable achievement, many of our new clients actually come from referrals. See below some testimonials.